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Just stretch the sail, ensure the "rubber" rope and puff
Any shape is possible - oval, circle, rectangle and even other more complex shapes can conjure.
Risk pool. Children, animals ..... Surely everyone has experienced or heard about the dangers that lurk in connection with swimming pools. Our protection system pool is almost perfect.
That everyone who knows its own outdoor swimming pool. And what are the easiest. Just look at the following pages, correctly gauged pool and simply order REVOLUTIONARY inflatable roof.

Welcome to the website of the manufacturer of PVC roofing of any size and shape. This revolutionary roofing system can be applied to overhead and recessed pools. This will ensure maximum safety and protection from the weather pools.

  • Long life
  • Easy assembly
  • Unbeatable price - the product is not burdened marketing overhead subcontractors Custom-made according to your parameters
  • Custom-made according to your parameters
  • Short delivery time - normally within 10 days, usually sooner
  • Attractive view of the covered swimming pool
  • MMaximum safety for children, dogs, ...
  • Inflating can do anything - the most used is the common vacuum cleaner

Coverings for pools inflatable unrivaled system-instructional video

Long verified and abroad

Products ie inflatable shelter for all possible types of outdoor pools are manufactured in our own premises on tables measuring 10 x 6m and HF welded method. Our team of experienced technicians can handle this method and guarantee product quality. The used film is from a German supplier. Its composition and UV protection is one of the top in quality foil for outdoor use. Therefore we can afford two years warranty. Own life is around about 8 years. Based on long-term experience from abroad (mainly Germany) is a service life of 10 years and routinely. But it depends on the quality of water in the pool, because it is signed by the highest rates of lifetime. Especially in Bohemia water quality and filter catching chemistry. There are cases when even stainless steel rust. But that is another story. Again nothing is not to exaggerate and crystal water body can be quite dangerous, let alone sails.